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Old Brick Mold From India, Perfect For Cassette Tape Storage, Rocks, Gems, Crafts, Knick Knacks and Treasures, 6"x12"x3.75", Unique & Boho

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Old wooden box originally made as a mold for bricks in India. These make fantastic bins for all kinds of collectibles and odds and ends. Craft items, rocks & gems, beer coasters, legos etc... Makes a nice container for plants and succulents.

My personal favorite use is for cassette tapes. The brick molds will hold 14 cassette tapes and are wide enough to easily grab and sort.

Brick molds average in size 6" x 12" x 3.75". The interior storage area averages 4.75" wide x 9.75" length.

On the inside bottom, there is a raised section that has a reversed out name of the brick company in it. This imprints into the brick when it's made. I have many different brick molds, so the word on the mold you purchase will be random depending on the stock I have.

Bricks have been made in India for over 100 years using wooden mold boxes such as these. In fact they're still made this way today.

These are vintage brick molds that were actually used. As such there may be cracks in the wood, rusty metal bands which I feel just give it a great, authentic vibe. They are all sturdy, well built and not flimsy at all.

No extra freight charges when you buy more than one. I'll refund the extra freight fees after you place your order.

Materials: Wood

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