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    Firepits / Firebowls By Nomadic Grill

    Handsome firebowls from Nomadic Grill are great for outdoor cooking as well as for campfire gatherings of friends and family in the backyard or up at the cabin.

    Our firepit bowls with grill grates are available in two sizes (
    23.5" & 30.5" diameters.) We also make a large cauldron fire pit. 

    You may choose from bowls that are stamped from a single piece of sheet steel and firebowls that are made in the traditional Indian method of riveting sections of steel together to form the bowl. 

    Each bowl is formed using recycled metal by craftsmen in the desert state of Rajasthan, India.

    These are traditional bowls made from natural steel so they will rust outside and develop an aged patina.