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Large Tri-Pod Firebowl Cooking Set Includes Two Grill Grates, Stand, Firebowl (firepit)

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Rugged Tri-Pod grill from Nomadic Grill is perfect for the cabin, backyard or base camp. 

Two grill grates (18” & 14” diameters) hang from chains on the tri pod with a variety of adjustments above the fire. Use both for cooking or one as a warming rack while the rest of your food cooks. The grills are made from 1/4” flat steel with a stylish and unique single piece of steel that spirals out. The grills will hold a cast iron skillet or dutch over without a problem.

24” diameter steel firebowl suspends from the tri-pod and works great for wood fires. Alternatively, remove the firebowl and place the tri-pod over a camping or your existing firepit. The firebowl is steel and hand riveted. 

Three steel poles break down in half for transport or storage when not in use. They also securely tighten to the top trivet. 

Made from a mix of new and recycled steel using traditional techniques by craftsmen in a small metal shop in Rajasthan India. 

The grate has a natural finish which is coated with a thin layer of ground nut oil to prevent over oxidation. After using clean with a grill brush and wipe the grate bars with a paper towel dipped in canola oil (or similar high temp oil). This will keep the grill grate clean and help keep rust from building up.


Firebowl & legs also have a natural finish. Rusting will naturally develop on the bowl and legs. You could paint the legs with a high temp spray paint, but it’s not suggested for the firebowl itself. When not in use it’s best to cover or protect the firebowl from the elements if you do not wish to have more rust develop. 

Overall Assembled Height: 67” 
Legs break down to 37” 
Firebowl: 24” diameter, 9.25” depth 
Cooking grates are 18” Diameter & 14”

Overall weight for all components: 75 lbs
Ship UPS in two boxes

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Item #NG205 Large Tri-Pod Firebowl Cooking Set From India w/Two Grill Grates, Stand, Firebowl (firepit)

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