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    Horn Please! Authentic Indian Truck Art Has Arrived

    Horn Please! Authentic Indian Truck Art Has Arrived

    Within minutes of arriving in India for the first time I became mesmerized by Indian truck art. Every type of commercial truck, be it a container pulling semi or a local delivery truck is handpainted from top to bottom. A genuine art, the trucks are an expression of the personality of the owner and while also describing the type of goods they carry, where they're from etc... There is often religious iconography in the art and expressions of good will and good luck to those whom the truck passes on it's route. 

    I'm pleased to announce that Nomadic Grill + Home now has in stock a limited selection of actual truck art panels from India. Our pieces are the wooden panels on the top of the truck cab which generally announce that the truck is a commercial truck or "goods carrier". I handpicked each piece myself in India. They are not modern reproductions, but actual pieces recovered from old trucks that have spent years on the South Asian roads and highways.They have been cleaned and hanging hooks have been attached for easy display as wall art.

    These one of a kind pieces would look great in a home, loft or restaurant, bar etc...

    Currently they are available only at our showroom/warehouse in Madison. In time they will be sold online. If you'd like to see our collection email ahead at to make an appointment to review the pieces.  

    Forma Garden Art

    Some housecleaning news in the Nomadic Grill world.

    You may notice that we're starting to call ourselves, Nomadic Grill + Home. As we continue to add more and more interesting salvage items, antiques and decorative items it makes sense to add (literally) "+ Home" to our name.  Although the name's a little longer the website will remain

    We've also decided to bring our Forma Modern Garden products into the fold. Instead of being on their own website, they have their own section here on our main website.  


    travel in song

    If you dig the wandering spirit of Nomadic Grill, you should check my personal discogs store at CPsound

    Vinyl from point N S E W

    Last Minute Christmas

    Fun stocking stuffers & one of a kind gifts still available for Christmas. All orders placed by 2:00 pm central time on Monday will ship same day via USPS Priority Mail. Firebowls / Firepits will also ship same day, but via Ground UPS.