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Vintage Tiki Exotica Island Theme Metal Music Box Carousel, Circa 1970s

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This handmade, vintage carousel captures life in the tropics with a tin roof shack, foliage and dugout boat. Beautiful piece for the tiki and exotica enthusiast.

The metal is steel that has been electroplated with an aged brass finish. It was all cut, bent and welded by hand.

By winding up the water wheel the canoeist moves around the island while "beyond the reef" plays on the music box. Unfortunately it does not play at the proper speed and the canoe and music unwinds too fast. I'm sure the music box could be repaired or replaced. As just shelf decor it's lovely and perfect for a tiki bar.

Made in Hong Kong, which makes me feel that this is most likely 1970s. Manufacturing in HK started moving to mainland China by the mid-80s and the first type of products to move were handcrafted and intricate items such as this.

Very nice piece!

Materials: metal

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