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Vintage Handcarved Wood Pedestal Base With Great Distressed Colors, Architectural Salvage From India, Garden Accent, Plant Candle Stand

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Vintage hand carved wood plinth once served as the base of a column in an Indian home. The wood block features ornamental elements that were beautifully hand chiseled by a craftsmen. The age is at least 50 and up to 100 years old.

This piece has some great weathered paint which makes a nice patina. This is indoor/outdoor suitable. Perfect as an objet, as a candle holder, a sundial stand, gazing globe base or stand for to place a garden pot.

All of the architectural salvage pieces have been weathered by the elements and from regular home use. Cracks and crags in the wood, chipped & varied color paint are all typical and part of the one of a kind charm in these pieces. If there are any cracks that affect the stability of the item and would prevent it from being a base for a plant or candle I'll point it out in the listing. This piece has a small piece that had broken off at some point and has been nailed back to the piece. It was probably done by the former homeowner and does not affect the piece negatively.

You'll see that I take photos from all 4 angles as well as top and bottom so you can get a solid idea as to the detailing and condition of the wood.

Most of the recovered wood comes from Rajasthan & Gujarat.
The wood used varies and may be seesham, teak or mango.

Dimensions of wood:
10" x 10.25" x 7" height

Weight: 16 lbs.


Materials: wood,paint

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