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Victory Brand Indian Soda Codd Bottle, Used By Street Vendor In India, 9.5" ht x 2 5/8" dia, Thick Green Glass, Contains Marble Stopper Goti

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Vintage glass codd bottle that was used by a soda/carbonated drink street vendor in India.

Instead of a bottle cap, codd bottles have a marble inside the bottle which floats to the top and forms a seal. There is a curve in the neck of the bottle which creates a reservoir for the marble to sit while you're drinking.

While this technology was invented in the 1800s, India is one of the only countries in the world that still uses the codd bottle.

This bottle is made from thick green glass and has the brand VICTORY on one side and a bird with Hindi writing on the other side,

A unique find for the bottle collection, but also makes a great conversation piece as an objet on a shelf.

This video shows how the street vendors open the codd bottles for their customers:

Materials: glass

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