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Steel Firebowl From India w/Grill Grate & Stand - Large (31" dia) Stamped

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Large, Heavy rugged steel firebowl from Nomadic Grill is perfect for entertaining a group at the cabin or backyard.

31” – 32” diameter x 10” deep bowl comes with steel stand and heavy duty grill grate.

Hand made by metal craftsmen in Indian desert state of Rajasthan. This firepit is made from hand stamped steel. We weld two brackets on the sides and attach thick metal round grab handles. It is made using both new and recycled steel. This gives the bowl both a rugged and artistic look. The grill has a natural steel look with rusty spots that will continue to oxidize over time and give it a beautiful patina.

The grill grate is made with thick 1/4” solid steel. The grate has a natural finish which is coated with a thin layer of ground nut oil to prevent over oxidation. After using clean with a grill brush and wipe the grate bars with a paper towel dipped in canola oil (or similar high temp oil). This will keep the grill grate clean and help keep rust from building up. We suggest you keep the grill grate out of the elements when not in use.

Firebowl: 31”- 32” diameter x 10” deep.
Diameter can very ½” due to being handmade.
3/16” thick steel

Grill grate: 31” diameter
¼” thick steel

Grill stand: 17” diameter x 5 1/8” height

3/8” thick steel

Assembled footprint:
31" diameter
15" overall height

Product weight: 64 lbs (bowl = 40 lb, grate = 20 lbs, stand = 4 lbs)

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Additional care tips
- These are natural firebowls and made from steel that will already have rust on the surface and continue to rust overtime. Most people are fine with the rusty/aged patina and like the look. However if you'd like to clean off the rust and paint the firebowl there are some options. Hardware stores and wood stove shops sell spray paint specifically made for high temperatures. Rust-Oleum and Stove Bright are two brands that make paints in a wide variety of colors that are designed for bbq, wood stoves etc... Stove Bright offers the widest range of color choices with over 20 different colors to choose from. While there is some debate, some people suggest that you only paint the outside of the firebowl and leave the inside rusty as consistent direct flames can cause flaking on the paint.

Item #NG111 Steel Firebowl From India w/Grate & Stand - Large (stamp)

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