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Steel Firebowl / Fire Pit From India with Stand - Sold In As Is Condition (no grill grate, 1 handle missing, small dent)

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Rugged riveted steel firebowl from Nomadic Grill is perfect for entertaining at the cabin or backyard.

23.5” diameter x 7” deep bowl comes with steel stand.

This is a special deal on the Firebowl due to the following:
Does not include grill grate
Has small 3" x 3" dent in the firebowl (does not affect performance)
Bowl had 3 handles riveted at the top, but one came off. I have the 3rd handle and will send it in the shipment if you want to weld or re-rivet. 

I only have 1 unit like this and it's being sold at a deep discount. 

Hand made by metal craftsmen in Indian desert state of Rajasthan. This firepit is made from hand riveted sheets of recycled steel. This gives the bowl both a rugged and artistic look. The grill has a natural steel look with rusty spots that will continue to oxidize over time and give it a beautiful patina.


Firebowl: 23.5” diameter x 7” deep
1/8” thick steel

Grill stand: 12” diameter x 5” height
3/8” thick steel

Assembled footprint:
23.5" diameter
12" overall height

Product weight: 16 lbs (bowl = 14 lb, stand = 2 lbs)

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Item #NG105-S Steel Firebowl From India w/ Stand - Medium, Rivet