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Mid-century vintage BBQ Grill made by Goodwin of California - rare - SOLD OUT

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Vintage mid-century barbecue grill made in Berkeley by Goodwin of California, Inc. Classic heavy duty steel bbq bowl has stainless steel wind guard that doubles as a warming rack station. The warming rack has several shelf levels. Includes removable side table for condiments/tools etc.

There is a hand crank for raising and lowering the grill grate which works.

This grill is a perfect match for ranch house entertaining. While it is an authentic vintage item, it is not a museum piece and works great.

Overall this grill is in fantastic shape. There is a little rusting on the grill grate that could be removed. The legs also have rust, but again could be cleaned, sealed and repainted. The grill bowl itself is made from thick steel and only has a little surface rusting.

Steel bowl measures 23.75” diameter x 5.75” deep x 1/8” thick stamped steel.

Steel grill grate is 22” diameter with 7/32” dia cross bars & ¼” dia outer wire

Stainless steel windguard/warming rack holder is 13.5” ht x 12” deep x 23.75” wide

A perfect grill to match your mid-century ranch.


This is pick up only from Madison, WI 53704

Only 1 available

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