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Indian Truck Art, Handpainted Wood Panel From Old Indian Semi Truck. Vintage, One Of A Kind Wall Art, Easy to mount on wall

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One of a kind painted wood panel that had a former life on a semi truck in India. Delivery and semi trucks in India are covered top to bottom in handpainted art which expresses the personality of the owner while also describing the type of goods they carry, where they're from etc... There is often religious iconography in the art and expressions of good will and good luck to those whom the truck passes on it's route.

This sign says Shree Swami Samarth who was an Indian Hindu guru from the 19th century.
He was respected and worshiped in Maharshtra, Karnataka and Andhra.

This piece is perfect for fans of typography. There is a soft pinkish hue to the background color.

This piece was for a semi and the panel was located on the top of the truck cab as it made it's journey over the roads and highways of India. This piece is not a modern reproductions, but an actual piece recovered from an old trucks. They have been cleaned and hanging hooks have been attached for easy display as wall art.

This piece is one of a limited selection of actual truck art panels which I handpicked myself in India. Each piece has been cleaned and hanging hooks have been attached for easy display as wall art.

As they are authentic old pieces, part of the charm is the color difference, nicks, chips in the paint etc...

These one of a kind pieces would look great in a home, loft or as restaurant, bar decor.

76.5" wide x 13.5" height x 1" thick
Weight: 22 lbs

Materials: wood,paint

Only 1 available

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