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Chiseled Stone Votive Candle Holder From India - Architectural Salvage Piece - Mounted On Steel Stand, 75+ years old

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Traditional Indian homes often have decorative stone candle holders built into courtyard walls. Hand chiseled from stone with beautiful decoration, the stone piece nicely holds a votive candle.

Mounted on a steel stand it makes a fabulous accent piece in the home.

The stone measures 7.5" wide x 9.5" ht x 6" deep.
Mounted on 10"x 6" steel plate with 5" rod.
Overall height 15"

The weight is a hefty 30 lbs. This is natural chiseled stone which I believe to be sandstone. It is not concrete or some kind of cast piece. Estimated to be 75 years old.

I found this item on a trip to the Indian desert state of Rajasthan where I work with people who specialize in recovering visually and historically interesting elements from homes and buildings that are torn down.

I have several different pieces of stone candle holders for sale, so browse my other listings and find the one that speaks to you. Some are mounted on stands and some are not. Each piece is truly a one of a kind architectural salvaged item and will make a great accent for the home or garden.

Materials: stone,wrought iron,steel

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